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If the juxtaposition of a female classical violinist with hard rock and heavy metal music seems too good to be true, chances are you haven't yet been introduced...

A Southern California native equally at home on her 5-string electric as on her classical and baroque instruments, violinist JLYNN is a highly sought-after multi-genre performer, arranger and recording artist. Attributing her musical talent to rigorous classical training from the young age of six, this impressive violinist graduated with honors from the prestigious Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California with Bachelor and Master of Music degrees and a Graduate Certificate in Early Music.  Since then, she has utilized her classical training and perfect pitch to branch out to numerous other genres including folk, country, pop, rock, fusion, hard rock & heavy metal.

JLYNN has played to audiences all across the USA, India, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, the UAE, Grand Cayman, Cambodia, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Argentina and Mexico.  Notable appearances include performing for Chivas Studio with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, appearing with the Foo Fighters at the Grammy Awards, and soloing at BlizzCon to an in-house audience of over 27,000 while airing live on DirecTV.

Currently performing as 1st Violinist with iconic rock and roll band Aerosmith for their Deuces are Wild residency in Las Vegas at the MGM Park Theater, JLYNN also maintains a busy freelance schedule and is hard at work in the studio preparing a live show for her project, The Violution, after releasing her first Self-Titled EP of hard rock and heavy metal arrangements with Producer PATRICK CACCIA.  The inspiration for the project stemmed from the overwhelming popularity she garnered on YouTube for her arrangement and performance of "Toxicity" by System of a Down with Meytal Cohen and Christine Wu.  JLYNN performs all the rhythm and lead guitar parts and vocals on her 5-string electric violin with pedal effects and amp modelers, blatantly defying the traditional role of the classical violinist.


Based in Las Vegas, J LYNN is proudly endorsed by Fractal Audio, Godlyke, Radial Engineering, AMT Electronics, and Voodoo Lab.

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